Billy fajardo, nelson flores & katie marlow present:

the world salsa summit

Hotel and dates will be confirmed as soon as possible.
previous dates and hotel are no longer correct.

The Deuville hotel suffered a significant fire on July 25th 2017 and it will not be restored in time for our WSS18. We apologize for the inconvenience; Billy is working very hard to secure a new hotel urgently.

World Salsa Summit

$15000 U$D in cash & awards

Miami, Florida.

Professional Salsa On1, On2 & Cabaret + Professional Just Salsa + Same Gender Male & Female Couple & Teams + Salsa, Salsa Cabaret & Bachata Teams + Professional & Amateur Soloist Male & Female + Bachata Cabaret + Bachata Amateur Couples & Team + Pro-am Salsa, Cha-cha & Bachata + Pro-am Salsa Teams Showcase + Pro-am Salsa & Bachata Showcase + Amateur Salsa Team + Am-Am Salsa Showcase + Junior Salsa Couple 10-15 & 15-18 and more...